Woomera (Werbellin - Shining Star xx)

Woomera HM at his first dressage show.


Born: May 11, 2004


Woomera is everything we hoped for from this breeding. He is correct, leggy, and modern, with a wonderful mind. Woomera did very well at his inspections and in-hand breed shows. He has been judged by some of the world's finest sport horse judges as having "a beautiful walk", "nice freedom in the shoulders", and "very correct conformation". Woomera walked around NEDA Fall with ease and trailers like an experienced show horse. He is a National In-hand Champion through the United States Dressage Federations (USDF) All Breed Program. His year-end awards for 2004 are:


  • USDF Rheinland Pfalz-Saar Colts of 2004 Champion: 78.5%
    Highest scoring horse in all divisions
  • USDF American Warmblood Society Colts of 2004 Champion: 78.5%
    Highest scoring horse in all divisions
  • American Warmblood Society Sport Horse of the Year
  • New England Dressage Association Reserve Champion Foals of 2004
  • 6th place USDF Horse of the Year Colts of 2004: 76.1%


Check out our Results of 2004 page to see full scoring details from all the shows and inspections.


Woomera has gone to his first dressage show (1/09). They got a blue ribbon with a score of 71.07% at T2. Congrats to Woomera and Robin!


Below are some pictures to show how he developed:


Woomera HM (Werbellin)  Woomera HM - Champion New England Breeders Futurity


Woomera Champion RPSI IBC at NEDA Fall  Woomera going cross-country at his first event.




Werbellin (by Weltmeyer)  Shining Star xx


Werbellin Weltmeyer World Cup I Wöler
SPS Sendernixe
SPS Anka Absatz
SPS Adelsbuch
SPS Lady Laurin Legat Lanthan
SPS Abba
Geduld Grossfürst
Shining Star xx Gala Decade xx Rollicking xx Rambunctious xx
Decalane xx Decathlon xx
Lindlane xx
Miss British xx Yorktown xx Battlefield xx
Joodles xx
Elation II xx British Empire xx
Lesina xx