Foals of 2006:


January 22, 2006

Sandro Hit - SPS Pakesa

Registered: German Hannoveraner Verband

Full brother from 2004, Sir Thatch, is being prepped for Stallion Licensing this year.

Saviola (Sandro Hit) preparing for licensing in Germany Saviola (Sandro Hit)

This colt has been sold into a stallion raising partnership between Hof BrĂ¼ning of Germany and Hof Mendenhall.


April 24, 2006

Benno's Dream - Sierra Leone

Registered: RPSI German Riding Pony

Should be another fantanstic large sport pony.

Cedar (by Benno's Dream)  Cedar - German Riding Pony

Sierra has been sold. Good luck to Mitchell with her Sport Pony breeding farm!