Foals of 2009:

Regalia HM:

Rascalino - EM Day Dream

Registered: American Hanoverian Society (AHS)

A repeat of our keeper filly in 2008 who is the USDF Horse of the Year Weanling Fillies and Reserve Champion Young Fillies with the AHS.

Regalia HM (Rascalino - EM Day Dream)Photo by Carole MacDonald Regalia HM Top Colt at AHS InspectionPhoto by Carole MacDonald Regalia HM Top Colt at AHS InspectionPhoto by: Hilltop Farms, Inc.

Tall black colt with 4 white socks. Three very nice gaits with good use of the hind end and with a 10+ temperament! Top Colt at AHS Inspection in RI.

Darshan HM:

Dacaprio - SPS Pakesa

Registered: American Hanoverian Society (AHS)

Trying something a little different this year for Pakesa, but we already know this mare line crosses extrememly well with the Donnerhall line. This should be an exceptionally talented dressage foal.

Darshan HM (Dacaprio - SPS Pakesa)Photo by Carole MacDonald  Darshan HM (Dacaprio - SPS Pakesa)  Darshan HM (Dacaprio - SPS Pakesa)

Black colt with two white socks. Outgoing and curious, Darshan has a top temperament with 3 very nice gaits...steps well underneath himself, beautiful balanced canter, always uphill in movement. Won Young Horse Champion from judge Gerd Zuther.


Ludwig HM:

Londonderry - SPS Destiny

Registered: American Hanoverian Society (AHS)

A proven cross which has produced Champions in Germany and the US! Two colts, two Champions, two stallion prospects.

Ludwig HM (Londonderry - SPS Destiny)    Ludwig HM (by Londonderry) as a long yearling.

Built the same as his older brothers, but in a chestnut coat. We are thrilled with this cross and how consistent it is.


Solitaire Welt HTS:

Soliman de Hus - EM Weltkin

Registered: American Hanoverian Society (AHS)

Soliman de Hus was the Champion of the Stallion Licensing in 2007. His gorgeous conformation and amazing movement will complement Weltkin beautifully.

Solitaire Welt HTS (by Soliman de Hus)  Solitaire Welt HTS (by Soliman de Hus)

Congrats to Weltkin's new owners on a wonderful bay colt by Soliman! Solitaire was named the Top Colt at the Stargate Inspection (TX).