Foals of 2004:

Prince von Luxemburg

January 31, 2004 4:30am

Prince Thatch xx - EM Day Dream

Registered: German Hannoveraner Verband

Being raised as a stallion prospect in Germany!

Prince von Luxemburg (Prince Thatch) Prince (Prince Thatch xx)

Prince placed 3rd in the Hoya Foal show. He has been sold to Luxemburg. Prince will remain in Germany at Hof BrĂ¼ning's to be raised as a stallion prospect.

Woomera HM

May 11, 2004 6:00am

Werbellin - Shining Star xx

Registered: RPSI

National In-Hand Champion.

Woomera HM - future event horse  Woomera HM - Champion at NEDA Fall

Woomera has been sold to Rachel Klass and will be raised as her next event prospect.