Philosophy on Breeding and Raising Superior Equine Athletes:

SPS Destiny at German Mare show.

SPS Destiny becomes the 8th Straight States Premium in her damline.

Start With the Best: At Hof Mendenhall, we strongly believe that breeding superior horses starts with top mares. All of our mares are performance tested and have achieved top titles from the Hanoverian Society...States Premium or Elite. All of our mares also possess top German Warmblood pedigrees, with sires and dams who have been successful or more importantly produced successful performance horses. We believe mares should be the complete package...conformation, movement, temperament, character and pedigree. All are essential! We believe in the Hanoverian Inspections and Mare Performance Tests to help us confirm the full package. As most German breeders will tell you, a strong mare line is essential...our mare lines have produced FEI Dressage horses, Bundeschampionate horses, Verden aution horses and Licensed Hanoverian stallions.


Pompeii HM shows off beautiful canter.

Pompeii HM shows off his beautiful canter while stretching his legs.

Provide the Best Care: To ensure a healthy and sound athlete, the foal must be provided with the best care while growing up as well as while still in the womb. At Hof Mendenhall we provide top quality hay and feeds which were specially designed for the broodmare and the growing warmblood foal. We use Poulin Grain and consult with their nutritionists regularly to stay up to date on the latest research. The proper balance of vitamins, minerals and protein is essential for bone and muscle developement. In addition to excellent nutrition, we believe turn-out in fields is crucial. All of our horses go out for 12+ hours a day. This provides fresh air and excerise as well as the necessary bone loading required for the formation of healthy joints. It also provides a happy horse. All horses receive regular farrier care, yearly dental care and regular routine vet care. Along the same lines, they all receive a daily wormer. It is important to attend to our horses physical, mental and emotional health.



Woomera HM - future event horse.

Woomera HM enjoys some loving from Linda's Mom.

Provide the Best Education: We believe in teaching them about life as an adult early on. All of our horses come in at night, because we feel that is an important part of a normal equine athletes life. They are used to being stalled and enjoy the downtime it provides. This also ensures that they are haltered and lead multiple times a day, everyday! During the summer, the foals wear fly masks and as the weather gets cold, we also blanket our babies. During their performance career they will wear a varity of sheets and blankets, so we introduce that to them as foals/weanlings. It is just a normal part of life. Our youngsters also receive a fair dose of love. They learn about proper manners and when they are good, they are rewarded with scratches and hugs which feel great. We also believe in showing the foals in-hand. It teaches them about trailering and busy show environments while still within the comfort of their mother's presence. Through this process, they also learn excellent ground manners and respect for their handler.



Londonderry performs at Hannoveraner Licensing in Verden.

Londonderry performs at the 2006 Stallion Licensing in Verden.

Learn from the Best: We are very grateful for the mentorship we have received from Hof BrĂ¼ning in Ochtmannien, Germany. Also for entrusting us with some of their beautiful mares. Our German based mares are located at Hof BrĂ¼ning, where their every need is attended to...breeding, foaling, raising, training. We go to Germany at least twice a year to see our horses there, but also to see the stallions first hand, to see the foals they are producing and to learn from the experienced German breeders. It is also important to constantly educate your 'eye' for judging horses conformation and movement. By attending the Hannoveraner Stallion Licensing, Performance Tests and Mare Shows, we work to further educate ourselves on what the 'ideal' is. By seeing what stallions are consistently passing on to their foals, we are better able to make the best breeding choices for our mares.



Awards and Ribbons from 2006

Some of our Trophies and Ribbons earned in the US in 2005/2006.

Strive for the Best: At Hof Mendenhall, we believe strongly in getting the opinion of outside experts. The best way to confirm that our vision and program is on track is to receive feedback at shows and inspections. Our mares and foals have won Foal shows in Germany and the US, won Champion Horse of the Year with the USDF and the AHS, qualified for Cosequin finals, been High Placing Hanoverian at shows and Year End Champion with our regions GMO.


We firmly believe the Best is Yet to Come, as we ramp up our breeding program in the US and continue our breeding presence in Germany. Our foals have all been sold into incredible homes with very talented individuals. As they are becoming adults, we are hearing great reports as they are starting to be backed.