Who we are:


EM Day Dream and Linda

Linda holds a Masters degree from MIT in aerospace engineer and worked in the field for over a decade. But as her responsibilities with Hof Mendenhall grew, her love of horses won out and she retired from engineering to devote all her attention to breeding and dressage. Linda has been a member of the NEDA (New England Dressage Association) Board of Directors since 2007 when she started organizing their Spring Symposium. In 2013, Linda has switched her efforts to running the Year End Awards program and Banquet. Applying the same energy and dedication that got her through Graduate school at MIT, Linda travels to Germany regularly to be a student of Hanoverian bloodlines and German breeding practices. In 2012, Linda was accepted into the USEF 'r' Sporthorse judges program and also became a Learner Judge for the American Hanoverian Society. Beyond horses, Linda enjoys dog training, especially in agility, and finds that this carries over into teaching young foals about manners and life as a performance horse.


Woomera HM and Jeff

Jeff still works in the aerospace industry, but finds time to devote to running the farm. Jeff maintains the farm and ensures the safety of the horses. He can be found mending fences and building run-in sheds as well as taking much needed breaks to scratch the foals. Jeff is also the first on the scene for all deliveries, usually still clothed in pajamas and slippers...whether it is February or May. He applies the same dedication which has made him successful in the world of system engineering to ensuring the health and welfare of the horses at Hof Mendenhall. His deep respect for all life gives him the caring patience sometimes necessary when handling foals. Beyond horses, Jeff enjoys volunteering his time to improve the community...whether its through historic bural ground clean up or helping to form an agricultural comission for the town.



Angie sheltie

Rockewood's Little Blue Angel


In charge of farm security and the official greeter at Hof Mendenhall. Angie loves everyone and enjoys being the farm Ambassador. Schooled in agility and obedience, she is a beautiful example of the Shetland Sheepdog breed.

Tyler sheltie

Bit O Blus Guardian Angel


Angie's son, Tyler opitomizes the gentle loving nature of shelties. He enjoys herding and is a very good obedience and agility dog, despite minimal training. His lack of titles, is in no way a reflection of his quality, just a lack of time. He is a true farm dog and loves all aspects of equine life.


Rajah Mainecoon cat

Orange and Ornary


Ian half mainecoon cat

Hunter Extraordinaire