Where's Hof - 2010 Contest:

Over the years, Jeff has earned the nickname of 'Hof'. Many times while I'm out and about, I'll be asked 'Where's Hof?' and usually he is either back at the farm working or back in stabling working if we are at a show. The 'Where's Hof?' question has become a fun joke around the farm and we have decided to turn it into a contest to honor a great horse husband who is always hard at work for our farm but usually it is behind the scenes. Through out the summer, we will be adding different ways to win horse-related prizes. So check back often!


Photo Contest:

This is a summer long contest and we will announce winners at the beginning of October. So far there are 2 categories, but if entries warrant we will break down the entries further. Photos can be from a regular camera or a cell phone. The top entry in each category will get a $50 gift certificate to Dover Saddlery.

Category 1: Photos of Hof (Jeff) with the horses. Jeff occasionally has to join us in the ring as an assistant handler or to hold someone in the warm-up. He is also great at last minute brushing to put the finishing touches on. Catch him in the act for this category.

Category 2: Photos of Hof (Jeff) working behind the scenes. Whether he is ringside, carrying all our equipment or manning the camera or back in stabling getting water/cleaning a stall. Get a photo of him out at a show without a horse for this category.


Meet Hof at NEDA Fall:

Find Hof (Jeff) at NEDA Fall and give him your business card (contact info on regular paper is fine). He will be randomly handing out stuff for people who say Hi and at the end of the show (Sunday, September 19th) we will draw three business cards from those collected for the big prizes. (We are still deciding what to offer here...maybe gift certificates or other horse show equipment that we all need.)


Below are a couple of photos of Hof so that you can spot him...and yes, he will be wearing his hat at the shows.