Kadence HM (Kaiserdom - Weltmeyer - Hitchcock)

Kadence HM (Kaiserdom)


Born: March 31, 2008


Beautiful, typy black colt born in Germany. This is Weltkin's first foal and she has really outdone herself. The sire is the trekhener stallion who won the 6 year old Bundeschampionate in 2005. This colt has good gaits and should make an exceptional dressage partner.


Kadence arrived in the US and went to his new home in Maine in March 2009. He was at the NEDA Handling Clinic at Pineland Farm on June 5 with his AA owner, Kelly. They have become a great team in only a few months and we can't wait to see these two in the show ring!


Kelly has shown Kadence a couple of times in hand since his arrival in the US. In 2010, he went to the CMDA Breed Show where he scored a 77.6% from Peter Hansen. Kaden has been backed and all reports from Kelly have been that he has been easy with every step of the way. Kaden has started his dressage career and is developing beautifully!


Kadence and Kelly showing at King Oak  Kadence at a clinic


Kadence arriving at his new home Kadence at the NEDA Handling clinic


Video of Kadence from his foal show:



Kadence HM (Kaiserdom) Kadence HM at foal show  Kadence HM at foal show.



Kaiserdom - Bundeschampionate Winner  EMC Weltkin


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