Heidi Conlon

Heidi with Lorelei HM at NEDA Fall 2010Photo by Carole MacDonald   Heidi with Donnerzauber winning Region 8 Fourth Level Champion   Heidi riding Donnerzauber at I1


Hof Mendenhall is thrilled to be working with such a talented FEI dressage and Young Horse trainer, Heidi Conlon. We had watched Heidi in the shows and clinics around New England for many years before asking her to work with our horses. She has handled our young horses at the breed shows since 2009, winning many Championship ribbons for the HM horses, both owned by us and owned by our clients. We made the move to having an FEI trainer handle our youngsters because it is so important to keep the final goals for the horse in mind...to become top riding horses. The timing and execution of Heidi's aids and corrections are so important to the horses having positive experiences at the shows and setting the foundation for an easy to handle dressage partner. Often her handling gives the foals enough confidence and support to move out in front of their mothers. Heidi travels to many of the in-hand shows in Region 8 and is available for handling.


As the Hof Mendenhall horses reach riding age, Heidi's involvement has increased. In late 2010, Heidi started the backing process for Reminisce HM as well as provided refinement to Sabatini HM's previous training. In Spring of 2011, she will be riding Reminisce HM in her 3 Year Old Materiale classes. Heidi has offered us a tailored training process that allows Linda to be very involved as the Adult Amateur rider, while still providing a safe environment for horse and rider to progress very quickly.


Heidi will be providing Young Horse clinics each month for Hof Mendenhall clients and others to trailer in and work either in hand, on the lunge or in the saddle with their young horse. Hof Mendenhall will be hosting clinics in the Northwest of Boston area and Spring Garden Farm will be hosting clinics at their facility in Rehobeth, MA. Contact either farm to be added to the clinic mailing list.



Heidi Conlon's Bio: 



Heidi has been coaching and training students from walk-trot to third level dressage, also eventing and show jumping for the last 20 years. She always specialized in and enjoyed working with young horses from in-hand breed shows to under saddle. While she was in Germany, Heidi rode a lot of Material and Young Horse Classes, and had the opportunity to ride up to PSG.


Heidi is an active dressage rider in Region 8. In 2007 she was selected as a demo rider for NEDA Spring Symposium with Scott Hassler. Heidi was again selected to ride in the 2008 Spring Symposium with Robert Dover. Aside from Mr Hassler and Mr Dover, Heidi has cliniced in recent years with Michael Poulin, Christoph Hess, Gerrit-Claes Bierenbroodspot, Conrad Schumacher, and Courtney King.


Heidi's current dressage partner is Donnerzauber (Donatelli/Goldstar) a 2001, 18 hand  Zweibruecker Gelding.  She purchased him as an unbroken 2 year old in Rheinland Pfalz (Germany).  Donnerzauber competed in Material as a 3 and 4 year old than went on to the FEI 5 and 6 year old young horse classes.  He has qualified for and competed in Region 8 Championships in every level he was shown:  6th in Training Level, 8th in first Level, Reserved Champion in Second Level, 6th in Third Level and in 2009 he won the USDF Region 8 Fourth Level Open Championship. Along the way, winning many National Titles from USEF and USDF All Breed awards. In 2010 Donnerzauber and Heidi competed in PSG and I1 with scores in the mid 60’s at both levels. The pair are currently Training Piaffe and Passage to get ready for I2 in 2012.


Heidi has this to say about her partner, Donnerzauber...

"His size and big gaits were easy in lower levels but the collection giving his size has been a challenge. He was not the biggest 2 year old when I bought him in Germany, but after he got gelded and came to the US, he grew and grew.  Great temperament and a big heart allow him to accomplish difficult things."


Show and Training Photos:


Reminisce HM in-hand as a 2 year old with HeidiPhoto by Carole MacDonald Sabatini HM in-hand with Heidi showing off Champion ribbonsPhoto by Carole MacDonald


Lorelei HM with Heidi winning Reserve Champion Foal Seraphina HM trotting with Heidi for Champion Foal at CMDA show.


Lorelei HM with Heidi winning Champion FoalPhoto by Carole MacDonald Always a positive experience, horses relaxing ringside at NEDA Fall.Photo by Carole MacDonald


Heidi working with Linda riding Riley at less than 1 month of training.