List of Stallion Service Auctions:
We are compiling a list of the various stallion service auctions being offered in 2008. We are not affiliated with any of these auctions and are only providing this list as a resource for the breeding community. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provide. Check association for more accurate open/closing dates!!

If we have missed an auction, please let us know:

Stallion Auction List:

American Hanoverian Society (AHS): Open mid-January, Close 2/17/08

American Holsteiner Horse Association (AHHA): Open Now, Close 2/1/08

American Trakehner Association (ATA): Open Now, Close 2/15/08

American Warmblood Society (AWS): Open Now, Close 2/14/08

Arabian Breeders World Cup Stallion Auction: Open Now, Closes 1/6/08

Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association (BWP-NA): Open 1/1/08, Close 2/15/08

Canadian Warmblood Breeders Association: Details coming soon

CANTER New England Benefit Auction: Open 1/14/08, Close 2/16/08 (check individual listings!)

Midwest Breeders Group (MBG): Open Now, Close 1/23/08 (check individual listings)

Mississippi State College of Vet Med: Open now(?), Closes 2/8/08 and 3/3/08 (check site for specifics)

NC State College of Vet Med: Open now, Closes 1/31/08_

New England Dressage Association (NEDA): Open 1/18/08, Close 3/1/08

Northwest Sport Horse Breeders Association (NWSHBA): Open Now, buy now format

Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society / German Oldenburg Verband: Open 1/15/08, Close 2/16/08

Oldenburg NA/ISR: Open 1/7/08, Close 2/11/08

Rheinland Pfalz Saar International (RPSI): Open now, Close 2/25/08

SHN Payback Auction: Open Now, buy now format