Loreto HM (Londonderry - Don Bosco - Furinos)

Loreto HM (Londonderry - Don Bosco)


Born: May 8, 2011


Loreto HM, aka Rhet, is a modern, tall colt. He has lovely long legs with a lovely head, neck and shoulder. Loreto has a very free shoulder giving him expressive movement. This combined with a powerful hind end and uphill movement make him an excellent candidate for the big dressage ring.


Loreto HM is growing up with us here at Hof Mendenhall for his owner Mary Ann. We love being able to watch this beautiful talented boy develop. Always a handsome boy, Loreto is growing into a strong, beautifully behaved young colt.


UPDATE: Loreto HM started his undersaddle career in September 2014 with great comments and score to win his first material class.


Loreto HM at 4 weeks   


Loreto HM at 2 weeks   When we say Loreto has a gorgeous neck...we aren't kidding!  


Loreto bears a striking resemblance to his father...

Londonderry   Loreto HM (by Londonderry)

Londonderry   Londonderry




  EM Day Dream


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